Transport for candy spree

Because the streets are not safe for kids to wander anymore, take your family on a candy spree with Ride In Bliss.  Visit scary places and sweet places with the whole family and make it a Ride In Bliss Halloween road trip. This year Ride In Bliss has the recipe for family fun and offers, as always, FREE car seats to make the experience even sweeter and safer for everyone.

Let Chicago’s Car Service, Ride In Bliss give you and your family the ideal Halloween experience where parents can care about nothing but have fun and make memorable scary fun pictures with their kids from various scary places around Chicago.

Parents can plan the perfect family experience this year by booking a Halloween sweet and scary tour of Chicago with Ride In Bliss, Chicagoland’s most family-friendly private transportation company. Let us know where you want to go and we will turn Halloween into a memorable family experience that will bring your family closer than ever.

Let's make your kids safe

Ride the right and safe way with Ride In Bliss because we know what kids want, and we provide safe and free travel arrangements for your kids anytime.  When your family needs to get out and make memories from the back seat of the car Ride In Bliss is here to change your perspective on family fun, and to broaden your horizon about the right ways to travel with family.

Pick the right and the safe alternative to car riding anytime kids need to ride with you

With a wide range of vehicles to choose from, Ride In Bliss offers customized car service for unique travel needs. Sedans, limousines, SUVs, Mercedes vans, and party buses are all ready to accommodate you with incredible customer service.

Book your reservation online or call for 10 seconds service at (847) 845-1151. We are happy to plan your transportation for your Halloween trip.