Chicago can be a tough city on most parents...

...but it can be especially tough to be a Chicago working dad.

Having been through this myself as a mom whose kid is always waiting for dad to get home, I realize the pressures that most dads working in Chicago face: the pressures of materially providing as much as possible, and the pressures of not being able to provide emotionally for their kids. It is a trade-off that most parents are forced to make in the big city. Investing time into your children is where most dads feel they run short.

Take your kids out during the weekend

However, the best way that dads can compensate and overcompensate for their absence during the week is by taking the kids out during the weekend. There are so many beautiful places and experiences that can make up for lost time if only dads would take advantage of and go see.

This is where Ride In Bliss can help. Ride In Bliss is the most family friendly transportation company in Chicago and they know exactly what families planning a fun weekend city trip need in order to be a happy family.

When traveling save your time for your kids

Ride In Bliss understands that time spent with family is precious, and that dads and parents, in general, do not need to waste it by getting stuck in traffic or worse, getting stuck finding expensive parking far away from their original destination.

So, don’t let major Chicago traffic logistics, that most parents oversee before they leave home, put a hold on your family weekend. Ask Ride In Bliss to help you take advantage of every second you have with your kids.

Comfortable and convenient trips in Chicago land with free car seats

Ride In Bliss turns family experiences into blissful experiences full of perfect moments because we make trips comfortable and convenient. Ride In Bliss is the only private transportation company in Chicago land area that provides FREE car seats for the young ones so everyone can ride safe and happy at no extra charge.  We encourage dads and all working parents to perfect family time and book their family city trips with Ride In Bliss so you can spend more time doing what you love and less time driving and parking. All you need to worry about is how to have memorable fun together the rest will be taken care of by Ride In Bliss.

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