Why are car seats so important to Ride in Bliss?

As a provider of transportation services, it is our principal duty to ensure our passengers, especially children, ride in conditions of perfect safety. Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death and injury for children and the correct installation and handling of child car seats can help save precious lives. A car crash fatality happens every 14 minutes, and no parent wants their child to become a part of that statistic. Understanding the importance of choosing the right transportation service can greatly reduce the dangers families with kids are exposed to every 14 minutes. 

Fortunately, Ride in Bliss is a transportation company that does the work and the research for you. Our chauffeurs are all trained by CPS certified technicians so you can indeed ride safely and worry-free. It is a blissful ride when you know that the stranger driving you is perfectly qualified to install your child’s car seats according to internationally prescribed standards. 

Infant in Safety Car Seat

Ride in Bliss is not your regular driver who can’t wait to drop you off so they can run to their next fare, Ride in Bliss has taken the time to become Child Passenger Safety Certified. Ride in Bliss has gone beyond the necessary to ensure their vehicles, their car seats, and their chauffeurs are protecting your family.

Do I need a car seat when traveling?

When traveling with kids, lugging a car seat around the airports is not pleasant or even possible. After all, you’ve got your hands full carrying the kids, their plushies, and their snacks. The common-sense expectation is that transportation providers – like taxis, rideshare vehicles, and even buses and trains would have child safety seats. However, families with children usually must pay more when traveling because car seats and safety for that matter usually come at an additional price. Most of the time, these means of public transportation will provide all the necessary accommodations for the disabled but will not have a child safety seat to provide to you. Moreover, they will refuse to provide the service unless you have your own car seat. This is something that happened to me personally while traveling with my 3-year-old kid. We had just landed to O’Hare from Honolulu and after a 10 hours plane ride, we just wanted to get home safely. We went to the rideshare lines in O’Hare and drivers were refusing to take us because we did not have a car seat for our kid. I always believed that it was the responsibility of the service provider to ensure I had a seat in the vehicle. Why is it any different for children? 


Always reserve a Ride in Bliss vehicle to pick you at the airport and never count on anyone else to be as prepared and proactive about safety and service. Ride in Bliss has taken child safety extremely seriously and has made it their objective to be the best family car service in Chicagoland. 

How can properly installed car seats prevent injury?

While car crashes are unpredictable and almost impossible to prevent, taking all the precautions to ensure children are unharmed in the event of an accident is something that can be controlled with the proper use and installation of child car seats. Ride in Bliss chauffeurs are prepared and educated on how to properly install the appropriate car seats for children of all ages.