Since the novel virus has altered the way we travel and plan all social interactions, it is human nature to try to understand how the 2021 world will look and to attempt to plan for that new world.

We all have questions and we all want to plan to make the most of our vacation time and to ensure we can safely get back and visit the people and the places we love in the coming months and years.

Travel predictions for the following year are optimistic, with the majority of travelers planning to resume their vacation habits as early as winter of 2020.

Travel 2020

For the remainder of this year, travelers will most likely pick local destinations that can be reached by car instead of venturing to fly and become exposed to crowds. There will be a surge in holiday season travel as people are planning to use their vacation time when the Coronavirus will have become a more controlled threat with promising vaccines on the way. This holiday season will be a much-awaited time of reconnecting with friends and family after the long period of social distancing and nowhere safe to go.

The 2020 holiday season is bound to be a very busy travel season and we recommend planning your family and friends' reunions ahead of the rush by booking your vacation packages as soon as possible and have something to look forward to. Ride In Bliss is dedicated to helping transition travelers from their homes to their favorite destinations with personalized, safe, and family-friendly services and with a flexible 24-hour cancellation policy. So plan away, you have nothing to lose!

We also encourage all those aching to get out to plan ahead for the holiday season's shopping and family dinner events and to use private car services instead of crowded buses, trains, or planes to reconnect with family and friends during Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

Ride In Bliss is the Chicagoland private transportation company that takes care of the COVID sanitation logistics so local and long-distance travelers can focus on recharging those overstressed batteries. 

Travel 2021

We all look to the future and hope that this virus won’t change our travel habits too much. With so many vaccines in the works, 2021 looks like the year to travel as far from home as possible.

Most of the people who were forced to cancel their summer plans this year are already taking advantage of the next year’s vacation season by booking in advance to feel like they can look forward to a new, fresh start with the vacation they deserve.

Planning your exotic destinations, going over your bucket wish lists, and just visiting faraway lands must happen in 2021. After all, you never know what will happen if you keep putting these trips off too far into the future. Seize the day or the year and plan those trips, make those memories, fill those albums!

Travel has changed for the better and resorts are safer, cleaner, with more flexible cancellation policies which will in turn bring a surge in tourists in 2021.

Tourists will most likely search for more private accommodations instead of high traffic hotels and we believe this trend should reflect in the choice of transportation as well. Travelers should choose more private means of transportation, like limos and private buses instead of rideshare cars, buses, and trains. The less crowded version of any travel arrangement will become the preferred way to do vacations for a while.

Ride In Bliss is the preferred way to do local or distant tourism because we assume the role of getting you safely to your dream destination. 

Let ride In Bliss help you every step of the way, you are in control with our 24-hour cancellation policy and with all the extra perks- free refreshments, free car seats for the family, personalized entertainment and above and beyond standards of sanitation.

No more planning, just book it! You are guaranteed to get there safely.