Covid-19 has taken a toll on our basic human urge to connect and get positive, constructive energy from other members of society. The novel virus has affected our fundamental ways of life.

It seems that more and more people are less worried about the virus and more worried about when they can get back to their old routine. There are safety and comfort in the daily structure of getting up in the morning, getting to work, getting the kids to school, getting to the store, and Getting Somewhere. Now it seems that purpose was taken from us rather abruptly by an invisible enemy, and that is eroding our social and mental health. I am sure most of you are familiar with the famous Tom Hanks movie, Cast Away (2000). We can all relate to the character who so desperately needed a friend that he drew a face on a volleyball, named it Wilson and started talking at it. Losing touch with others and the real world can mean losing ourselves. Our communities are unravelling and we are losing the sense of unity and belonging that kept us together and made us strong.

Similarly, Chicago has transformed from a once blooming, bustling metropolis to this post-apocalyptic-like landscape of fearful masked faces avoiding each other. It signals a revolution in mindset and in the way we live and conduct business.

The traditional way of conducting business placed a heavy emphasis on building a real rapport with customers, employees, and partners. Covid-19 has restricted communities, connections, and access to Others.

How Do You Get the Access Back?

Businesses are now faced with the imperative to reinvent, to lead, and to inspire stakeholders during these historical times of upheaval.

Now is the right moment to connect, to reel your stakeholders back in with a reassuring meeting, even if it is a 6-feet distant meeting. Virtual meetings are replacing the potential for authentic connections – robotic, static voices and pixelated faces that freeze mid-conversation are not appealing or reassuring to anyone.

To this purpose, Ride In Bliss wishes to safely reconnect the business communities of Chicago through its distinct services.

Ride In Bliss post-pandemic tips on staying present, engaged, and relevant as a business:

  1. As office buildings are becoming more and more redundant to business operations all over the world, connecting and building rapport in real-time with stakeholders will give companies a real competitive post-pandemic edge. 
  2. Plan on revisiting and retying your business connections by using the reliable Ride In Bliss services that offer all the comfort and utility of a real 4-walls office.
  3. Finding new avenues for genuine communication will be the key differentiator for future business success. Ride In Bliss is innovating how salesforce, office employees, and business principals can find new ways of doing business and staying connected to the city at all times.
  4. Ride In Bliss offers a post-pandemic office environment, placed in one of their luxury vehicles equipped with internet connectivity, desired refreshments, and the mobility to be all over the city.  Chasing those lost connections and sealing those deals in real-time, your business will make an impression that lasts longer than a failing robotic voice over the Zoom sphere. And yes, Ride In Bliss will have your non-alcoholic beverage(s) of your choice waiting for you in the car.
  5. Partner with Ride In Bliss because they are the only luxury transportation company that supports your business communications objectives and can take you to your desired destination, to all bordering states so you don’t have to use crowded airplanes.
  6. Stay relevant by using our office on wheels to reinvent and attract positive attention to your business.
  7. Don’t be afraid to reach out using all the necessary resources, including the Ride in Bliss fleet of luxury vehicles.

Ride in Bliss is rising above the challenges of the pandemic and it wants to invite Chicago businessmen and women to use our fleet of luxury vehicles as your office on wheels.

WHY?  Because:

  • Crisis management is done more effectively in person, even if it’s 6 feet away.
  • You want to stay relevant and survive this economic downturn.
  • Companies need to find innovative ways to stay close to their customers.
  • People pay attention to what is in front of them and nothing leaves a better impression like a genuine face-to-face conversation.

Ride In Bliss is showing leadership by reconnecting business communities using real highways instead of internet highways. 

Ride In Bliss is committed to helping businesses maintain continuity and trust for their employees and customers. Ride In Bliss fleet of cars is always ready to serve. Our offices-on-wheels are always clean, sanitized, and going above and beyond the prescribed pandemic standards.

Ride In Bliss is part of the business community of Chicago and it plays an essential part in bringing back Chicago as the economic hub of the Midwest.

Ride In Bliss is committed to giving you connectivity, mobility, and reliability!