Choose transportation company that make the difference

How you choose to travel for important personal or business matters can make the difference between solving vital issues and failing to do so. Business consultants should pay special attention to how they are being perceived by the businesses they work with, because power and professionalism play a decisive role.

Ride In Bliss’ continuous impeccable services offered to aviation pilots and Marriott’s distinguished guests, make Ride In Bliss the transportation company that knows a lot about how to ride on the road to success.

We know what your child needs

How you travel is also very important when there are kids involved. The child’s comfort is the parent’s comfort, and the child’s safety is the parent’s peace of mind. Car seats are vital for the safe travel of children, but most car services do not provide them as part of the regular ride experience.

Parents need to pay extra to carry their kids, which Ride In Bliss beliefs is unfair towards parents who need to travel, and have to take the kids along. Ride In Bliss is the only transportation company in Chicagoland that actually cares about what traveling business parents need – a break from extra fees, surcharges and extra luggage.

Ride In Bliss is a unique car service that no other transportation service can match. We offer FREE car seats with the most professional and caring service that Chicago traveling parents deserve. Do not compromise on service and security by joining into the popular herd mentality that cheap and old is better than new and clean, responsible and accountable.

Other companies are not accountable for what happens if an accident occurs. You will probably never hear from them after the accident. Moreover, parents will be surprised to find out that these popular and so called “cheaper” rides will actually charge at least $10 per car seat request, which is a lot more than what Ride In Bliss will charge – Nothing.

Not to mention that when your application-hailed ride arrives it might not even have a car seat inside because no one can guarantee that the car coming to pick you and your family up is equipped to carry children or disabled people for that matter. You never know what and whom you are going to get.

Instead of just "ride" order professional driver

Why would anyone just blindly order a ride when there are so many things you as a paying passenger need to control? Instead of ordering a Ride, clients should order a Car, a car and a professional driver who will make sure in advance that everything is according to the client’s wishes. Why get the nearest available car when you can get the car of your dreams.

Ride In Bliss is here to make sure that everything you expect from a ride is over delivered.