What Our Clients Say About Ride In Bliss

What Our Clients Say About Ride In Bliss

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My Experience with Riding with Ride in Bliss

Most people want to be in a safe, trustworthy environment whether they are traveling, going to see family or friends, or just doing everyday tasks. I’m sure that at some point, you have walked into a restaurant, store, etc., and thought, “Wow, this is a remarkable experience!” That’s how I felt during my first time riding with Ride in Bliss.

I have traveled around the US quite a bit and have used many transportation services, none ending with a good experience. During one of my trips, the driver had shown up late, unprofessionally dressed, and his car smelled like cigarette smoke. Another time, the driver showed up at a different location other than mine, making me miss my early morning flight. On top of that, he gave us a bad attitude and would confide in his problems. The other times resulted in reckless driving, old cars, and safety defiances.

When I discovered Ride in Bliss, my expectations were not high. Honestly, I thought they would be like any other company. The moment we saw our driver greeting us with Starbucks coffee in hand, my family and I knew this was the concierge service we were hoping for this entire time. I was shocked at how clean and organized the vehicle was. The special touches, from the Ride in Bliss waters, to the refreshing scent of the car, let me know how much thought and care was behind every ride.

Our driver, professionally dressed, was perfectly on time both to and from the airport. He provided the service to us out of true happiness and dedication to his job. On our way back home, we were provided with Giordano’s pizza and my kids even received their own toy. Ride in Bliss is more than just a ride to your destinations, the level of prestige service makes it an experience.

We have continued to use Ride in Bliss for over a year now knowing we will never use another company again. We know that they are extremely reliable, and will get us to our destination safely and timely. I feel spoiled whenever we use Ride in Bliss, because of the excellent service and luxuries they provide. Timeliness, security, and cleanliness are always the top priorities of this company.

When traveling, I 100% recommend choosing Ride in Bliss. Over the time we have traveled with this company, each and every one of our drivers was friendly and happy to serve us. The Ride in Bliss team is incredibly organized and punctual. Not to mention that they are kid friendly and provide you with luxuries for your children as well. Even my kids look forward to their next trip with Ride in Bliss. After only using Ride in Bliss once, we could tell that they were put together and dependable.

I have referred this company to many of my friends and family because of how remarkable our experiences are. If you are looking for a secure, welcoming, and easy-going environment, Ride in Bliss was truly the concierge service that we had always seen in the movies.

By our client Kaela, August 2022

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