Travel to/from Airport

Flying somewhere? Enjoy comfort and convenience with our tailored airport service. Use Ride in Bliss for all your travel to/from Chicago O'hare, Midway or Milwaukee airport.

Have too much luggage? No problem, our car service is ready for you and your whole family.

We track your flight to ensure timely pickup and drop off. Enjoy a free Latte or beverage of your choice in our clean, late model vehicles.  Appreciate the added safety of getting a text message or call before pickup, providing a description of your driver and their vehicle. Greeting service inside the airport terminal is available for a small additional fee.

Children traveling with you? Request one of our free fitted age-appropriate car seats with juice and snacks to keep your little angels happy while you focus on the trip ahead.

When you are returning from your business travel, we know you do not want to spend any more time than is necessary at the airport. That is why we are always on-time and ready to get you home as soon as possible. Our service is ideal even for working in the car so you will use your time better. That is the reason why Ride in Bliss is saving you time compared to other taxi companies.


Family Transportation: Taxi With Preinstalled Car Seats

Safety first! Save time and money with our professional car seats service that is free of charge. Your taxi will arrive with car seats installed at no extra charges.


Book Us For Hourly Service

Our charter service is ideal for any type of special occasion or just for getting to know Chicago. We offer all types of limousines, party buses or SUVs that fit every occasion. Our cars are clean and drivers are looking sharp so you will impress no matter the event you are going to.


Maternity Car Service

Getting you and your newborn baby home from the hospital need not be a headache if you choose Ride in Bliss. 
Our thoroughly cleaned,  reliable new vehicles will arrive at the hospital with car seats already correctly fitted. No need to worry about parking or driving when you would rather be engaging with your baby and your family.