Why chose Ride in Bliss for your NEMT?

How to Book?

Just let us know when and where you need to be, and we will make sure you get there safely.

Following your appointment or procedure, one of our impeccable and comfortable vehicles will be there to drive you back home.

Ride in Bliss’s non-emergency medical transportation service ensures speedy, on-time service, eliminating the need to disrupt or be at the whims of friends and family’s busy schedules.

Our wide fleet of vehicles is available to pick you up and drop you off with our hourly services, and can adapt to any particular needs.

Take the smart step of booking your non-emergency medical transportation with Ride In Bliss, and have the peace of mind that you won't have to drive under anesthesia or ride with a stranger in a rideshare car while you are physically vulnerable. Ride with the people that can offer you support, compassion, and who are aware of your situation.

Book with Ride in Bliss and have a safe trip for yourself and your loved ones.

When to Book?

JPlan your medical visits and make the an exclusive choice that gives you back control and peace of mind for appointments such as:

  • Doctors’ Appointments
  • Physical Therapy
  • Hospital Visits
  • Out-Of-Town Specialists
  • Hospital discharges
  • Psychiatric discharges
  • Facility transfers
  • Transport to dialysis
  • Other Medical Visits

After you make your medical appointment, you can book your ride at www.rideinbliss.com, and we will be ready to listen to you and meet you anywhere in Chicagoland!

As always, we pride ourselves on the exclusive customer experience we create in each one of our vehicles. Therefore, your driver will be on time with your choice of beverage and music selections to make the ride fit you like a glove.

Please note that this is a strictly NON-medical service. Ride in Bliss offers transportation only. We cannot provide help with medications or medical devices of any kind.

Ride In Bliss is committed to providing complete transportation services in a compassionate, friendly, and helpful environment in all of Chicagoland. Our vehicles are wheelchair accessible and practice the highest standards of sanitation.

We believe in offering our customers the flexibility and accessibility to go anywhere when it's most convenient to them in the most luxurious and comfortable cars. We are committed to providing high-quality transportation services for those who need to undergo sensitive medical procedures and cannot drive or have no interest in using anonymous ride-sharing services.

Our cars and personalized services are the perfect means to travel for medical reasons with professional and accountable drivers working for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?
NEMT is a smart way to prearrange transportation to and from medical appointments or procedures for patients with medical conditions that are not life-threatening.
How much does Non-Emergency Medical Transportation cost?
Does my insurance cover it?
Can we request a car seat?
Can we stop at the pharmacy on the way home?

Questions or Special Requests?

If you have a question you can contact us on the phone, or on the email or write us message here. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

Make the reservation online with our fast and secure booking system!

Our services are available in Chicago with Suburbs, IL, Seattle, Charlotte, California, Phoenix, AZ, New York & New Jersey, Orlando and Tampa area, Boston, Milwaukee, WI, Houston, TX, Dallas, TX