Pizza with a Limo ride

Your Ride in Bliss rides is about to get tastier as we prepare to not only provide the safest most professional car services but also with the tastiest of dinners, your Giordano’s Pizza. Pizza night is a family dinner staple and an all-time kids' favorite. If you oftentimes are confronted with the following scenario, Ride in Bliss is the service you must seek. Are you just returning from a vacation or from spending all day out and about with your kids or completing your business trips and meetings? Then you probably had no way of preparing dinner at the same time. Ride in Bliss is the solution to this conundrum. 

We have oftentimes heard the question: We have the ride, but where’s the dinner? Now Ride in Bliss has the ride and the dinner. 

Ride in Bliss is proud to launch its new Eat in Bliss service to help families with the logistics of having dinner ready, fresh, and right-on-time upon arriving home after a long trip or a long day shopping. Ride in Bliss’ new convenient add-on service is making dinner quick, easy, and fun especially for families with picky little eaters, and for all those constant travelers who want their food waiting for them hot and fresh when they get home. Our special Giordano’s pizza delivery service, Eat in Bliss, is a great add-on service on top of our amazing limo rides to and from the airport and all over Chicagoland.

This add-on service is available for selection after you make an order and schedule your pickup. You will be presented with options for cheese, veggie, or pepperoni pizza from Giordano’s Pizza, our partner for this exclusive service. 

How it Works

  • You are tired, coming from vacation, from the social-distanced trick-or-treating with your kids, or from your business trips. Unfortunately, dinner did not make itself! 
  • You make a Ride in Bliss reservation. 
  • You receive an email confirmation with the details of your reservation. 
  • Approximately 24 hours before your pickup you will get email with the choice to add a pizza order to your pick up for $15 extra. You can choose small, large, or medium cheese, veggie, or pepperoni pizza from Giordano’s Pizzeria only. If you do not want to wait, create your account, and login to order extra services.
  • Ride in Bliss has your dinner ready in the car at the time of your pick up.
  • Your dinner gets home when you get home and there is no need forever using that microwave oven.

Ride in Bliss is bringing this service to enrich our client's blissful ride experience, to make the lives of traveling Chicagoans easier, fun, and more convenient. Ride in Bliss feels it is part of the families of so many of our clients. We listen and understand your needs when on the road, and we want to do our best to support those who are traveling. Traveling doesn't have to be an inconvenience, but something blissful, relaxing, and comfortable.

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Our services are available in Chicago with Suburbs, IL, Phoenix, AZ, Orlando and Tampa area, Milwaukee, WI, Boston, Denver, CO, Houston, TX, Seattle, Dallas, TX, Charlotte, New York & New Jersey, California