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Just tell us what music, beverages, pizza, or other custom considerations might make your ride blissful. We will have your choices ready at pickup.

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How do you like your ride? Set your music preferences before the ride and hear only what you like.

Starbucks Drinks

We offer complimentary coffee and soft drinks. Choose your favorite (larger sizes available at an extra charge).

Giordano’s Pizza

Your dinner gets home when you get home. No need to cook, no need to clean up – and no microwaving.

Make Your Ride Special

We are not your average car ride.

Ride in Bliss is the transportation company committed to exceeding your expectations.

We are dedicated to creating the most blissful personalized transportation services for our customers.

Americans spend about 84 billion hours in cars every year. Why not use some of that time to relax and enjoy some well-deserved special treatment from Ride in Bliss?

Our goal is to make getting from Point A to Point B a more convenient, enjoyable, and productive use of your time. Because the experience of the road is just as important as the destination.

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Our services are available in New York & New Jersey, Phoenix, AZ, Houston, TX, California, Dallas, TX, Orlando and Tampa area, Chicago with Suburbs, IL, Boston, Charlotte, Seattle, Milwaukee, WI