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Say goodbye to the stress and uncertainties tied to traditional taxis and rideshares. Our age-appropriate seating and expert child safety seat installation ensure your family's comfort and safety, allowing you to focus on making unforgettable memories.
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CPS Trained Drivers Our car service is dedicated to redefining family travel by providing certified child safety transportation with free car seats .

With our prestigious Child Passenger Safety Technician certification from Safe Kids Worldwide, we prioritize your child's safety and uphold the highest standards in transportation. Don't settle for anything less regarding your child's well-being.

Don't compromise your family's safety and comfort. Experience the bliss of stress-free family travel today – Choose Ride in Bliss.

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Car seats are preinstalled for maximum convenience

Our Car Seat Service Locations

We proudly offer our services in these locations:

  • Houston
  • New York/ New Jersey
  • San Diego
  • Seattle
  • Boston

Nationwide Service, Local Excellence

At Ride in Bliss, we understand that your family's travel needs can span across different cities. That's why we're committed to bringing our top-notch car service to various locations, ensuring that your child's safety and comfort are never compromised, no matter where you are.

What car seat do I need for my child?

Infant car seat
Infant car seat
Infant car seat installed
Infant car seat installed

Newborns (0-3 months)

For the newest additions to your family, we recommend our rear-facing newborn car seats or convertible seats used in the rear-facing position. These seats are ideal for babies under 1 year old and weighing less than 20 pounds.

Infants (4-8 months)

Infants should continue enjoying their journey in a rear-facing infant car safety seat. This position is recommended until they reach age 2 or surpass the seat's maximum height or weight limit.

Forward facing safety seat
Forward facing safety seat from side
Forward facing safety seat
Forward facing safety seat

Toddlers (9 months - 6 years)

Once your child outgrows the rear-facing safety seat, we provide a forward-facing seat. This seat has a secure harness system to ensure their safety throughout the journey.

School-Age Children (approximately 4-8 years old)

Children should remain in a forward-facing safety seat equipped with an internal harness system until they reach the height or weight limit recommended by the car seat manufacturer.

High Back Booster
High Back Booster from side
High Back Booster installed
High Back Booster car seat installed properly

Pre-Teens (approximately 8-12 years old)

We recommend using a belt-positioning booster seat until they're tall enough to fit an adult lap/shoulder belt correctly.

You can choose from High Back Booster seat or Booster seat.

Booster car seat
Booster car seat from the side
Booster car seat installed
Booster car seat installed

How to Install Car Seats

See for yourself tips on how to install car seats correctly.

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Committed to Our Community

Ride in Bliss driver
Ride in Bliss driver
Ride in Bliss driver

We set ourselves apart not just through our quality service but also through our heartfelt commitment to making a positive impact. We deeply care about our business and feel a strong responsibility to support those in need, underscoring our belief that success means little without compassion and community involvement.

FAQ for Family-friendly Car Service

Do I need to provide a car seat when using a Taxi, Rideshare, or Limo?

Yes, in many states the law requires children to use appropriate child restraint systems in all forms of transportation, including taxis, rideshares, and limos. Parents or caregivers who fail to provide car seats may face penalties, including fines or denial of service. Some companies may charge extra for providing car seats. At Ride In Bliss, however, we offer complimentary car seats for children of all ages, assuming this responsibility to ensure safe and convenient travel for families nationwide. You can check specific laws for Chicago, IL, Florida ,Phoenix, AZ, Los Angeles, California

What car seats do you offer?

Ride in Bliss provides car seats on request at no charge to you. Other companies may charge as much as $10-20 per seat. We offer all recommended types of child safety seating, including front-and rear-facing seats, booster seats, and high-backed booster seats.

How many car seats can be installed in a vehicle?

It depends on the vehicle and on the people traveling. SUVs can accommodate up to 2-3 car seats, and the Toyota Sienna can accommodate up to 4 car seats.

Can I book a sedan with car seats?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate car seat requests for sedans. If you require car seats for your trip, please make sure to reserve an SUV or Toyota Sienna and let us know your requirements in advance so we can ensure a safe and comfortable ride for you and your family.

Can I book a strech limo with car seats?

We do not provide car seats in stretch limos or party buses as it is not safe to install them in those vehicles. If you require car seats for your trip, we recommend reserving an SUV or another suitable vehicle that can accommodate car seats safely for your child's safety.

Are your car seats preinstalled, or do we have to install them?

Ride in Bliss drivers will install all required seats before picking you up at home or at the airport. Every car seat is sanitized prior to each pickup.

What brands of car seats do you use?

We use Britax, Cosco, Graco and Chico - Rearward and Forward-facing seats.

Can I also use this service for day trips around an in the city of Chicago, LA, or Phoenix?

Yes! We are specialist in providing car service with children's safety seats for any type of trip - either for airport, hourly service or any event involving kids.

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