Chicago is best known for a lot of things, from world-renowned architecture to the best jazz clubs and restaurants in North America, but Chicago is also home to numerous world-renowned universities, like the University of Chicago ranked 10th in the world, and Northwestern University ranked 31st in the world. Chicago has so much to offer to everyone from any walk of life looking to become anything.

Leaving the home one grew up in and moving away to college can be one of the most exciting and scary milestones in every teenager’s life, but it is especially hard on parents to watch their kids leave. Worrying is part of parenthood and it is expected that parents will constantly worry about the living situation and the transportation situation of their brand-new university students. Luckily, you can take some control of their comings and goings with your partner in safe and professional transportation, Ride in Bliss.

Who to Trust with Transportation Needs?

It is difficult to trust anyone with the safety of your kids, even if they are almost adults. But you can teach them some valuable adulting lessons about safety, efficiency and about how to choose the appropriate transportation for their educational and fun activities.

Parents and students alike can trust Ride in Bliss to show up on time, with all the required refreshments, and make sure that any fun time stays safe at all times. Ride in Bliss is trusted by so many parents who make the smart choice to book their students’ passage from their home suburbs to the big city in an impeccable, comfortable vehicle. Ride In Bliss provides college and university transportation to and from Illinois and all neighboring states like Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio, and Michigan.

Those Unique Moments

Choosing a limo to transport you to your prom, graduation, homecoming, or other life-altering events is symbolic of every teenager’s passage from childhood to adulthood. Choosing your college/university is also a life-altering event and will set the path for the rest of your life. Choose the right vehicle for all these precious moments and book Ride in Bliss for your prom, graduation, college tours, and especially for the first time you leave home and become an independent college student. Parents all over Illinois and neighboring states prefer to use Ride in Bliss to mark these moments due to the wide variety of stunning vehicles of any size and for the sense of trust and responsibility that Ride In Bliss services and drivers inspire.

Ride In Bliss is not just a ride, it is the backdrop of all these memorable, unique events in the lives of young people.

Ride In Bliss is proud to have a perfect record for safety, professionalism and experience providing memorable prom nights in Nashville, graduations, and Spring break getaways.

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Transportation To or From University

Make all your college/university trips special by booking Ride in Bliss to and from these prestigious Illinois universities and set yourself for a lifetime of success:  University of Chicago, Loyola University, Rush University, Northwestern University, University of Illinois, DePaul University, Northeastern Illinois University, Columbia College Chicago, Concordia University Chicago, Roosevelt University.

Ride In Bliss provides excellent services to students and visiting parents to and from all Indiana state Universities such as the University of Notre Dame, Purdue University, Valparaiso University.

We provide transportation to and from Wisconsin universities such as the University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, Lawrence University, Marquette University.

Ride In Bliss is proud to support all the transportation needs for Michigan students and parents to and from universities such as the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Kalamazoo College.

Ride In Bliss is there to pamper your traveling students with complimentary pizza, coffee, water, juices, and their choice of music. Use the safe, fun, and attractive vehicles that Ride in Bliss boasts when going out to games, parties, and all the other important events in a student’s life. Ride In Bliss knows Chicago better than anyone and will help students navigate Windy City.

Transportation Home from University

Parents, keep at least a measure of control and make sure you book the safe and professional transportation services of Ride in Bliss to bring your students home on the weekends, spring breaks, holidays, and to encourage your brand-new adults to make safe choices about who they get in the car with. Feel the ease of always knowing the location and the destination of your young adults, and make sure they make it back to their homes safe.

Let Ride in Bliss ease the anxiety of every parent who releases their kids into the world in the hopes that they will end up at the right destination. Ensure they arrive safely at their destination with the trusted services of Ride in Bliss.

University to Airport

Parents everywhere trust Ride in Bliss with their airport transportation to and from their students’ universities, dorms or apartments. Parents visiting their kids from out of town and out of state, book the meet and greet service from Ride in Bliss and be picked up at O’Hare or Midway right off the plane and avoid the hassle of navigating one of the busiest airports in the world. Ride In Bliss will take you straight to your destination saving you time, money and a huge headache.

It is easy to trust a company that knows all about Chicagoland's universities and colleges and who has vast experience offering punctual, dependable and highly knowledgeable services to students, parents and teachers from all over Chicago and the neighboring states. It is easy to trust that your child is safe going to university in another state or city when you know that there is always someone like Ride in Bliss that can bring you and your kids closer with one call, one booking, one ride.

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