It has always been our great mission to make our clients happy, and what better way to make moms and dads happy than by making their kids happy every time, every trip. Put a stop to the dull, smelly rides that you cannot wait to get out of even though you are not in a hurry, where the only highlight of the trip is arriving at your destination as fast as possible.

Instead, come with Ride in Bliss where your destination is essential, and the way we get you to your destination is always a first-class experience. We set the bar high when it comes to the cleanliness and safety of our cars, and we always prioritize the safety and happiness of our little passengers. Ride In Bliss’ chauffeurs are trained by certified car-seat technicians to install all types of car seats and assist busy parents while traveling. Ride in Bliss has the car seat you need, any time, free of charge because safety in our vehicles is a right and not something that anyone should have to pay for.

Our team of professional chauffeurs knows how to cater to everyone's desires, and will personalize services to accommodate everyone regardless of age. Riding in a spotless, freshly cleaned car, with the refreshments and music of their choice, children will have the time of their life, and parents will enjoy a quiet, relaxing ride that they wished could go on forever. For tired parents everywhere, a professional, clean car ride with Ride in Bliss will be an oasis of relaxation versus the explosion of cheerios and juice that you get all over the family car when you attempt to go anywhere.

Ride In Bliss is the most kid-loved transportation service company in Chicagoland according to the kids who so candidly share their impressions with us every day. Kids are impressed with the cleanliness of our cars and with the gentle, professional behavior of our drivers who listen to them, play their favorite songs and welcome them with gummies and snacks. Ride In Bliss knows how to create a pleasant experience, where kids can finally feel like they are in control – they control the music, the drinks, the snacks, and even get rewarded with a Ride in Bliss toy at the end of their trip.

Why do kids love Ride in Bliss?

  1. Because they are in control. When they ride in our cars, they are spoiled with services that cater to them within the limits set by their parents and caretakers. They have their choice of music, snacks, gummies, and juices, and enjoy the ride that is not just about the adults anymore.
  2. Kids love the ambiance of our cars, they are fascinated by the blue lights, and the fresh smells we keep in our vehicles.
  3. Kids are welcomed with a perfectly clean car seat to fit them without any charge to their parents, which results in extremely satisfied parents.
  4. Their parents are less worried and stressed because they are not the ones driving anymore so they get to sit back, relax, and even take a nap, which is a luxury to any parent.
  5. Kids can even enjoy a fresh pizza when their parents order it in advance using our pizza pick-up service. Ride in Bliss will pick up your pre-ordered pizza before we pick you up.
  6. Kids get a toy every time they ride with us.

Ride In Bliss crafts ride experiences, we put the fun and pleasure back into traveling with kids and we jump-start your vacation. When traveling with kids, the experience of the ride is essential because it can make or break your whole day, and your family can arrive at their destination feeling tired and frustrated or relaxed and recharged.

Ride in Bliss has made it their mission to create the most unforgettable, satisfying, and relaxing car ride experiences for kids and the whole family alike.