Planning a trip that involves flying must also plan for the trip to the airport. We live in a car-dependent society, and almost everyone owns a car. Some of us are very attached to our cars, they are part of our identity and our family. But when we take a vacation and we have to fly to our international or domestic destination we must plan for what role our personal car can play in getting us to the airport. 

O’Hare airport for instance offers valet parking for those who want to drive their own cars - park at the airport for a fee from $42/day and then fly to their destination. Upon getting back in town they hopefully pick up their cars from where they had left it a few days before, but nothing is guaranteed. After all, this is Chicago.

You might think this is a wonderful option but I see several issues that can become overly expensive and inconvenient.

  1. O’Hare’s daily rates for parking are starting from $42/day. If a traveler spends 7 days on vacation, their base cost would be $294.
  2. On top of the daily parking fee you run the risk of someone vandalizing your property – which judging by the fact that we are talking about Chicago, is highly likely. 
  3. Once you park your car in a vast, unsupervised lot, the traveler would have to carry kids, luggage, and other accessories across the airport to get to their gate in the inclement weather that is so typical of Chicago.

The costs and inconveniences of picking the valet service at the airport can compound so much it will by far render the cost of a comfy limo ride insignificant. It might be cheaper and smarter to book a limo ride with professionals like Ride in Bliss. 

Car Service or Airport Valet Parking?

The benefits of booking a limo ride both ways instead of opting for the airport valet service are numerous:

  1. You are doing the planet a favor – you reduce the number of cars on the road, you reduce GHG emissions.
  2. You have considerably less to worry about – nobody wants to worry if their car is being vandalized while they are at the beach.
  3. You have less expenses. If you take a 7-day vacation you can expect to pay at least $315 for parking not to mention the huge risk of not finding your car the way you left it – maybe missing parts, broken windows that you will have to add to the cost of your vacation.
  4. Booking a ride with Ride in Bliss is incredibly convenient and comfortable. 
    When you choose the professional services of a company like Ride in Bliss you get a knowledgeable driver that helps with the luggage, gets you to your gate on time, provides your entertainment, beverages, and even the pizza of your choice, and ensures expectations are exceeded every step of the way. 
  5. During cold, winter months vehicles are already heated and during hot summer months, they are already cool, fresh, and ready to pick you up. Avoid the hassle of lugging your luggage and your kids across vast parking lots in the freezing winters of Chicago. 
  6. You and your family will get home faster and safer after a long plane trip, and even have your pizza dinner waiting for you so you can check off another worry off your list.
  7. When you book with Ride in Bliss you can also request a meet and greet for $35 extra and have your personal driver assist with picking up the luggage from the baggage claim and hauling them onto a cart. Leave all the hard work to Ride in Bliss

Overall, valet parking at the airport can end up costing you more money, peace of mind, and comfort than you might expect.

Conversely, booking a blissful, comfortable limo ride with Ride in Bliss is the only option that gives you peace of mind, comfort, and convenience. 

Save time, Save money, Save the planet, Give yourself peace of mind!

Use Ride in Bliss both ways and be in control of your vacation.