Tips for carefree travel

This travel season is special because it has been postponed for over a year.

We are all excited and eager to get out of our homes, our cities, our countries and make that much-deserved vacation a reality.

Most of us might have even forgotten how to plan for a vacation or how to prepare for travel in a post-pandemic world. The essential fact remains that you can still travel anywhere with the right preparation and the right tools at your fingertips. Ride in Bliss is such a tool you can use to plan the perfect trip anywhere.

Planning that much-awaited vacation can be nerve-wracking, full of unknowns, and a great source of anxiety especially when traveling with children. We can all agree that families with children need a vacation more than anyone after the quarantine year we have all experienced.  

Luckily Ride in Bliss is the most valuable and experienced travel tool you can have on your side.

Here are our most valuable tips and tricks for planning the perfect vacation for you and your family.

1. Turn your dreams and wishes into reality by planning your trip

Reserve one of our luxury, impeccable vehicles when you book your flight. We have a wide variety of comfortable vehicles that will make you look and feel good in any circumstance – business or fun. At the time of booking, ensure that your pick-up date, time, and flight information are valid and correct. In case your plans change, Ride In Bliss has a 24h cancellation policy to account for the unpredictability of life.

In the case of arrival flights, if the flight number changes, email Ride In Bliss with the new flight number as soon as possible to ensure fast and perfect pick-up services.

2. Make sure you reserve the appropriate car seat for your little ones at the time of reservation

Ride In Bliss is the only luxury car service that provides FREE car seats for all children. If you need assistance picking the correct make and model car seat or have special requirements, you can reach out to our car-seat technicians for expert advice and support.

3. Customize your ride

At the time of securing your reservation, you may mention your beverage and entertainment preferences so we can customize your blissful experience. Tell us what you like, and we make it our job to listen and provide the best customer experience possible. Book online with Ride in Bliss and be in total control. Know exactly what your trip will cost, tip included, and have absolute control over the music, the beverages, the snacks, or the pizza you can order. Order your favorite Starbucks drink, and leave specific instructions about your preferences for our team at Ride in Bliss.

We will send an order form to your email one day before your trip, asking for all the information to make sure you get that famous Ride In Bliss signature experience. In this form, you will get the chance to build your experience by telling us what beverages, entertainment, pizza, snacks, and anything else you may want us to provide during your trip.

5. Reminder day before pick-up

24-hours before pick-up, you will receive an email with all the trip information. That email will include your driver's name, pick-up instructions, and all the necessary information you will need for a pleasant and safe trip.

6. Extra airport services

If Ride In Bliss picks you up at the airport, you will receive a Welcome Message upon landing with your driver's name and phone number. Opting for our Meet-and-Greet service is also very valuable especially when traveling to a city and airport you are not familiar with, or when traveling with kids and tons of luggage. Our drivers will meet you at your gate and assist with all your luggage, have your children’s car seats pre-installed, and reduce the risk of losing your kids, your luggage, or your calm to zero.

In these unprecedented times, Ride in Bliss wants to be your most valuable travel tool and partner

Our safety and sanitization protocols go beyond the legal requirements to ensure all our customers have a deep feeling of trust, safety, and comfort when traveling in our vehicles. Our business model dictates that each customer deserves a unique and safe way to ride anywhere. Ride in Bliss provides the best customer experience with all the safety means in places, such as masks, sanitizer, and deep constant sanitization of our vehicles.

Ride in Bliss knows what it takes to create the perfect travel and customer experience.

That is why we are here to assist and cater to your travel needs, be they business or family-oriented. We understand how valuable human interaction has become. Our services provide the safest personalized trips so you can reconnect with your family or business partners and get back to the world.