Ride in Bliss Holiday travel

Treat yourself and those you love this Holiday Season by letting Ride in Bliss glide you to/from the airport, on shopping trips, to awesome parties and family gatherings.

However, its going to be BUSY! It is estimated some 47% of Americans will travel this year. So let’s go over a few things to help you stay sane if you’re taking to the skies!

13 Tips for Stress-free Holiday Travel

  1. Check all passports are in date, don’t go home on the bus due to an expired passport!
  2. Check your bags dimensions against airline regulations to avoid added fees, Euro vs US
  3. Avoid traveling on the busiest days or at the busiest times, Ride in Bliss can help you pick
  4. Get to the airport early and keep a list of key information handy, so you stay organized
  5. Download your airlines app and check in digitally to avoid the lines
  6. Get yourself TSA pre-check so you can advance through security
  7. Consider packing snacks so you’re not fretting about slow service in airport restaurants
  8. Use an app like FlightStats to get real time updates on your flight and be the first to know
  9. Bring a (6ft+) charging cord or a battery pack so you can top up your phone before flying
  10. Many airports offer free WiFi but beware of hackers, Using a VPN offers more protection
  11. Hydrate and Moisturize! Aircraft air is very dry so drink lots and apply moisturizer liberally!
  12. Book your ride in advance for this holiday season to secure the vehicle and driver for your travels. 
    and the last one:
  13. Schedule time to relax in the midst of the holiday rush.