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Ride in Bliss is dedicated to safely transporting families with children requiring car seats in the Phoenix area. We aim to ease the challenges of traveling with young children by providing car seat solutions.

Our transportation service utilizes top-quality car seats to ensure safety and certified car seat technicians train our drivers. Ride in Bliss is the ideal choice for secure family airport transportation.

Request child seats via phone or online through our real-time reservation system. Ride in Bliss makes it easy to request a vehicle equipped with a baby seat at any time. A car seat will be ready for you during your next trip in Phoenix.

Safety Car Seats

Arizona Child Car Seat Laws and Requirements

Understand and comply with Arizona's car seat laws when traveling with children:

  • Children under eight years old and under 4'9" must use a child restraint system in moving vehicles.

  • Children under five years old must use a convertible car seat or another safety restraint, regardless of height.

  • Appropriate child restraints include car seats, booster seats, and some built-in or add-on restraints.

  • No booster seat weight requirements in AZ, but AAA recommends using restraints until children outgrow them or become taller than 4'9".

Child Safe Transportation in Phoenix - Seating Types for All Ages

Travel confidently knowing Ride in Bliss provides child-safe transportation at no additional cost. Inform us of your child's age, height, or weight, and our chauffeur will install the appropriate car seat.

Age-Based Seating Guidelines

  • Newborns (0-3 months): Rear-facing infant or convertible seat.

  • Infants (4-8 months): Rear-facing seat until age 2 or until reaching the seat's height or weight limit.

  • Toddlers (9 months - 6 years): Forward-facing seats with a harness system once rear-facing seats are outgrown.

  • School-Age (4-8 years): Forward-facing seats with internal harnesses, transitioning to a belt-positioning booster seat upon reaching height or weight limit.

  • Pre-Teens (8-12 years): Use of adult lap/shoulder belts when tall enough; children should ride in the back seat until 13 years old.

Our Commitment to Safety: NCAP Crash-Tested Car Seats

We use NCAP crash-tested convertible car seats designed for children from 5 lbs to 120 lbs, ensuring the highest industry standards for child seat performance in severe accident conditions.

Expertly Trained Chauffeurs Ensure Car Seat Safety

Our chauffeurs receive extensive training in proper car seat installation, led by certified Child Passenger Safety technicians. Ride in Bliss is proud to have obtained the Child Passenger Safety Technician certification from Safe Kids Worldwide.

The Benefits of Choosing Ride in Bliss for Families in Phoenix

It's not just about child seats; we ensure the safest, most convenient transportation for you and your little ones. Our drivers operate secure vehicles and prioritize your family's well-being while on the road in Phoenix and beyond.

  • Kid-Friendly Service

  • Expert Car Seat Installation

  • Clean Car Seats

  • Convenient Travel Experience

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